A shocking incident involving a monkey scare was caught on video in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The clip, which has now garnered widespread attention on social media, shows two monkeys attacking a woman sitting on the verandah of her house. The footage shows the animals approaching the woman, who is sitting on a chair, from behind and pulling her hair so hard that she loses her balance. Vessels in her hand fall to the ground after the seemingly unprovoked attack by the animals. At one point, the clip shows her being lifted off the chair by the strings of these monkeys. The video is suggestively from Ramnagar Colony in Ajmer.

The video was shared online by Instagram page Beawar Live News.

Since the video was uploaded, it has generated a lot of reactions. While some thought the monkeys attacked the woman because she may have caused them trouble first, many expressed how dangerous the whole situation was.

One user wrote: “Oh my goodness… I've ripped out all my hair!”, while another claimed: “Monkey fear is mostly found in cities.”

One person said, “I really hate monkeys,” and another person claimed, “She almost got kidnapped.”

A few months ago, a similar video of a monkey plague resurfaced. The clip showed a monkey riding a toy bicycle and trying to grab a toddler sitting on a bench.

The caption for the video read: “Monkey on a bike tries to kidnap a child.”

In the viral clip, the monkey throws the toy bike, scaring the others sitting on the bench. Then, surprisingly, the animal pulls the toddler's leg. The toddler falls to the ground while the monkey tries to drag the baby along. The animal pulls the toddler by the hand and drags the little one to the sidewalk before others intervene to rescue the little one. Fortunately, the monkey leaves the scene without causing any further trouble. The incident reportedly happened in Indonesia.

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