Divya Giri, the girl who made the viral film 'Girlfriend for Rent', has now said that there were three main reasons behind her making the film and money was not one of them. Read on to know more!

Divya Giri explains why she made the video 'Girlfriend for Rent' | Photo credit: Instagram

New Delhi: The “boyfriend for rent” trend has become very popular in Japan, offering unique and customized escort services. But what is the “boyfriend for rent” trend?

The Boyfriend for Rent service allows individuals to rent a friend for a specific period of time. These rented friends are often available for various social activities, providing companionship, emotional support, and even participation in staged romantic scenarios.

While this concept has become very popular in Japan, it may not be received quite as well in India. Divya Giri, a girl who tried to copy the format and made a video offering 'girlfriends for rent', has now spoken about what went into making the video.

She offered the following:

  • Relaxed coffee date: Rs 1500
  • Normal Date (Dinner and Movie): 2000 Rs
  • Meeting with family: Rs 3000
  • Event attendant: Rs 3500
  • Bike date (with hand holding and all): Rs 4000
  • Public contribution to our date: Rs 6000
  • Cooking together at home: Rs 3500
  • Shopping spree: Rs 4500
  • Weekend getaway (2 days): Rs 10,000

Why did she take the role?

After facing criticism for the video, Giri has now clarified why she made the video. She said that money was never the reason. “Money was never the reason. I have a job and a family that supports me. I added the money factor so that I can weed out a few guys and not date obnoxious guys,” she said.

“I really thought I would get some good comments on this and go out with a stranger and have a good time,” she added. Additionally, she said she wanted to get some social media engagement on her Instagram page.

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