Floyd Mayweather And Lil Uzi Vert are facing a lawsuit over an alleged street brawl in New York last year. Abdullah Alithe plaintiff, has demanded “unspecified damages,” according to TMZ. Ali claims he was attacked by the rapper after a verbal altercation with members of Mayweather's Money Team (TMT).

The altercation occurred near a New York City hotel where the trailer was parked. The incident reportedly began with footage of a Rolls-Royce being hit by a trailer belonging to a Mayweather on 27 June 2023. Despite AliAccording to a report to the police, no arrests were made in connection with the incident.

Floyd Mayweather travels with armed security and huge guns just to go shopping

Attacked by many men

Ali's lawyers Matthew Bilt and Michael Rosereported that Ali was noticed by Lil Uzi Vert and TMT members after they crossed the street to get a closer look at the car. Ali claims he was then attacked by at least ten men, including Lil Uziwho alternately kicked and punched him for over a minute.

Lil Uzi VertRepresentatives of deny his involvement and state: “Lil Uzi I do not know Floyd Mayweather or have a connection to Mayweather's Money Teamand was not at the scene of the alleged incident.”

It remains unclear whether Mayweather was involved in the dispute, according to AliLawyers from. Ali He reportedly suffered significant injuries, including loss of teeth, and required hospital treatment.

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