Need something to lift your mood after a stressful and exhausting week? In case you neglected to check your feeds or trending stories, there were some interesting viral videos that made a splash this week. We've compiled a short list of the ones that elicited hilarious reactions and brought good vibes online. If you want to read something quick, light-hearted and fun, you've come to the right place! Check out some of the funny posts and stories that have been making waves on social media lately:
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Here are 5 viral stories that have recently made the internet buzz:

1. Besan Laddoo becomes Besan Halwa

An X-user's post about besan laddoo “melting” due to the scorching heat in Delhi garnered a lot of buzz online. Several people joked that the laddoo turned into besan halwa, besan cake or besan smoothie. Click here to view the viral post and comments.

2. Spider-Man makes rotis on the roof

A clip of a person in a Spider-Man costume attracted over 17 million views on Instagram. What piqued users' interest was the fact that they appeared to be preparing rotis on a rooftop, reportedly in Jaipur. The scene sparked many funny remarks, with people twisting the name of the Spider-Man movies based on this viral video. One called it “Spider-Man: No Food at Home,” while another quipped, “With great power comes gold [round] Roti.” Read the full story here.

3. Hospital “rating” as if it were a resort

Photo credit: Instagram/triggtube

A vlogger decided to make the most of his hospital stay by documenting his experience as if he was staying at a resort. In the viral video, he describes the foods he likes, explains how the “chef” (i.e. the doctor) plans the menu, and also suggests activities. The satirical video has won many hearts online, with people praising his ability to see the positive and make a uniquely creative video. Find the full story here.

4. Vir Das is fed up with Zepto notifications

Vir Das took to Instagram to ask Zepto to stop sending him constant notifications. He shared screenshots of some of them and referenced them in a hilarious request. He wrote, “I don't care if you're thirsty. Your eggplant needs to leave my mushroom button alone. I don't want my choco crisp. I'm not your paneer. Stop it.” The brand's response left many users bursting with laughter. To know more, read the full story here.

5. Customer orders lemonade and receives empty, sealed bottle

A person who ordered a soda through Swiggy claimed that he only received an empty, sealed bottle instead. He shared the incident on X and the viral post sparked many funny theories and comments. While some joked that the bottle vaporized due to extreme heat, another user commented, “This is the latest technology to send liquid in vapor form.” Read the full article here.

Nice weekend to all of you!
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