Bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts are experimenting with unusual ingredients for their drinks. One of the latest videos that went viral on Instagram shows a person making a martini using “pasta water,” which is the water left over after pasta is cooked and drained. Curious? You're not alone. While some Instagram users found the idea unappealing, many admitted they were curious to try it out. Wondering how exactly this viral pasta water martini is made? Technically, it only requires three main ingredients to make.
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To make the cocktail, take a shaker and pour in 2.5 oz (about 74 ml) of vodka, followed by 1/2 oz (about 15 ml) of dry vermouth and 1 oz (about 30 ml) of water you saved after cooking your pasta. Remember to salt the water while the pasta is cooking. Add ice cubes and shake well. Pour the contents into a martini glass and garnish with pasta on a skewer. In the caption, the content creator revealed how she came up with the idea for this unique cocktail. She wrote, “Last month I was making pasta for lunch and while straining my pasta, I couldn't help but wonder, 'Would this martini taste good?' And that was the inspiration for this salty drink. All I can say is: don't judge it before you try it! If you like savory, salty, dirty drinks… you’ll probably like this.” Watch the full video here.

A viral recipe uses leftover pasta water to mix a cocktail. Photo credit: iStock (for display purposes only)

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The video has been viewed 875,000 times so far. In the comments, many people expressed their interest in trying the cocktail. Others were not convinced. Check out some of the reactions from Instagram below:

“'Would this martini' is my new favorite game.”

“I’m laughing and totally fascinated. The next pasta dinner!!!”

“Saw someone make an Old Fashioned with rice water a few scrolls ago.”

“Okay, I'd try a sip out of curiosity! Lol.”

“I'm saying that just last week I used pasta water from dinner because I thought it was lemon juice, and this is what comes in a measuring cup for my martini.”

“The Italian in me is screaming.”

“At first I thought 'no way', but if I'm honest, I would drink it and eat the garnish.”

“Listen to me: Make ice cubes for the pasta water so you don’t water it down unnecessarily.”

“Next up is a hot dog water martini!”

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