Several images of a rare pink dolphin spotted in the US have garnered a huge response on social media and left the internet stunned, with many even questioning whether the images are “real” or “AI generated.” could not independently verify whether the viral images are real or fake.

United States: Rarely seen 'pink' dolphin makes a 'splash' in the water. (X/@1800factsmatter)

The images of the rare dolphin were shared on the X-handle @1800factsmatter, where it was claimed that the “rare pink dolphin was spotted off the coast of North Carolina.”

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In the comments section, the X-user claimed that the images were not generated by an artificial intelligence and that “pink dolphins do show up every now and then.” He added that “the last one was a few years ago near Louisiana. Albino dolphins are just rare.”

The pictures show the dolphin surfacing and diving off the coast of North Carolina in the USA.

Check out the stunning images of the rare “pink” dolphin in US waters:

Another post claimed that the dolphin was washed out of its natural habitat and rescued by a man.

“On the morning of June 19, a beautiful and rare pink dolphin was discovered stranded on the coast of North Carolina's Hatteras after being washed away from its natural habitat. A kind-hearted man saw the stranded dolphin and immediately intervened to help it return to the ocean,” reads the caption to another series of images showing the rare dolphin.

Check out the following post:

The X-account Figen also shared the pictures of the “pink” dolphin with the caption “A rare pink dolphin.”

Social media users soon added context to the viral images, explaining: “This is a bottlenose dolphin, which as an albino may be pink, but not that pink. This image is just Photoshop. It's important to clarify that this is not an AI image, because not only is it not real, but it may also raise concerns about AI being too real.”

In response to the images, one person commented: “This is either a very beautifully made toy or a dolphin that manages to maintain the same posture in all photos.”

Another simply wrote: “Fake!”

Last year, a group of whale watchers in California were treated to a magnificent sight when a rare white-colored dolphin was spotted. The dolphin, named Casper, was swimming alongside the whale watchers' boat. Casper's color was thought to be due to albino or leucistic conditions, both of which result in a reduction in the pigmentation that normally characterizes the coloration of this species.

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