One More Round (1MR) was recently opened at 2626 Central Avenue in the Grand Central District and offers beginner-friendly, non-judgmental, full-body workouts for the mind and body in a high-energy classroom environment. There are boxing courses, kickboxing courses and burn-and-box coursesalong with advancement opportunities. Combat training will be added soon for those who want to move on to contact boxing, but 1MR wants everyone to learn proper technique first alongside their coaches and instructors. Check out the details of the course options here.

If you've never boxed, consider the beginnings of 1MR co-owner Idan Avivi, an unlikely participant in the boxing world. “I was against martial arts. I thought it was too brutal,” he says. “But then I went to a Muay Thai class and loved it.”

Idan says that boxing is the ultimate fitness program for him. Idan came to boxing after playing beach volleyball all his life, doing gymnastics for 5 years, playing squash for 3 years and doing CrossFit for 5 years. Nevertheless: “[because of boxing]my body is in the best shape I've ever been in,” says Idan. “And I'm 45 years old.”

A group of boxers posing in a gym.A group of boxers posing in a gym.
A close-knit community of boxers and coaches training on the punching bag. Photo by Idan Avivi.

All age groups and skill levels can try the bag

While 1MR's motto is “Train like a fighter,” 1MR focuses on technique in a beginner-friendly, non-intimidating and non-judgmental way. “If you don't keep up in a place like a UFC gym, you might not make it,” he says. “[at 1MR]you concentrate completely on the bag, not on other people.”

In total, 1MR has 30 punching bags, giving you plenty of space to work on your technique, combos, and heart rate.

1MR emphasizes technique, proper bag striking and combinations. Boxing not only trains speed, power, endurance and stamina, but also improves your body. “Ultimately, it's a martial art. Builds resilience. Builds mindset. Lots of brain work – memorizing combinations. When you don't have air in your lungs, you have to remember to do jabs, crosses, hooks or slips and hooks,” says Idan. It's a complete mind and body workout in a high-energy classroom environment.

“Take it out on the bag. Take it all out on the bag. And your mind is free…” he tells me.

Toronto's Snowbird brings boxing to Central Ave.

Tomer Rotem, founder of 1MR and co-owner of the 1MR location in St. Pete, is from Toronto, where he opened the first 1MR. “1MR evolved from Lanna MMA, one of the most prestigious Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing schools in Canada,” 1MR's website states. When Tomer spent the season in St. Pete, he wanted another gym where he could box, but also a place for the entire St. Pete community to come. Together, they partnered with Idan Avivi to open another location on Central Ave.

“…the gym should be more than just a gym. It's a support group, a meeting place, the new church, a place to meet friends, maintain a healthy lifestyle, come together for entertainment and fellowship – all in one.”

Check out the facilities at 1MR by checking out their Instagram and lacing up your gloves.

Punching bags lined up in a gym.Punching bags lined up in a gym.
1MR has 30 punching bags at its St. Pete facility. Photo by Idan Avivi.

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