A new video going popular on TikTok shows unsuspecting viewers some pretty rude images.

No matter how you feel about whether TikTok is good or bad for the world, one thing is almost undoubtedly true: It's a very strange place. The things that go viral on the platform sometimes make sense, but other times the videos are even crazier than you probably expected.

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Recently, a video was posted by TikTok user usergosd7n01yj in which she purportedly showed off her “new nails and my cat.” However, as anyone who saw the video quickly realized, the content of the video was not as workplace-appropriate as one might have expected.

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What is the new Nails and Kitty video on TikTok?

In the video, the user in question shows off her new nails and then pans the camera over to show off her cat. If you're not paying close attention, that might be all you notice in the video, and it's also exactly what you'd suspect based on the video title in the video. Before we explain exactly what the video contains, however, it's worth understanding exactly what this trend is built on.

This particular video builds on the new nail trend that has been going around TikTok for a while. The trend involves women showing off their new nails while their hand hovers over their boyfriend or partner's crotch area, suggesting the outline of their genitals. The boyfriend is often wearing loose clothing, but the videos are definitely some of TikTok's more explicit content anyway.

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In her video, usergosd7n01yj decided to up the ante even further by giving viewers of her video a quick glimpse of her own genitals while showing off her nails. It's the kind of thing that's easy to miss, but once you know it's there, you can't focus on anything else. By adding a “kitten” to the new nail trend, this TikTok user gave it a whole new meaning.

Source: TikTok/@haleyybaylee

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This isn't the first time this user has done a little flashing.

While this video went viral mainly because it freaked out so many people, some TikTok users gave further explanations, noting that this isn't the first time this particular user has done this. There is another video where she briefly shows her bare chest in the reflection of a bathroom faucet. Whatever this particular niche is, she seems to have managed to corner it very well.

However, on June 13, the account was deleted from TikTok. At this point, it is not clear how the account came to be deleted. It is possible that TikTok moderators flagged and removed it, or that it was deleted by the person behind it after the videos attracted too much attention. Whatever actually happened, everyone will remember the new nails and the cat for a long time.

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