A wedding planner's advice on how to handle wedding invitations has attracted considerable attention on the Internet.

Abby Lee, who lives in California, told viewers that they should always get in touch with an engaged couple as soon as possible after receiving their wedding invitation, rather than waiting until the deadline to respond has passed. The post, shared on TikTok on June 16 under @hiabbylee, has been viewed over 275,000 times, and its message has been echoed by viewers who themselves were frustrated by delayed responses.

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“I just checked my email and got a wedding invitation,” Lee said. “And I was expecting the invitation because I got a save-the-date card, so it doesn't surprise me.”

“You know what I'm going to do now that I've received this wedding invitation? I'm going to scan this QR code and respond. It's really that simple,” she added.

The wedding planner wanted to point out that late replies can make wedding planning even more difficult for the engaged couple and everyone else helping them organize the event. Aspects of the event, from food to seating, depend on the exact number of guests.

More than 20,000 viewers liked Lee's post and over 300 expressed how much they appreciated her message in the comments section.

“I'm going to pay someone to send this video to my guest list,” wrote one user, @teyemch.

Another, @almicave, added: “I got the reply 'but we have until July 10th to RSVP'. THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEN!”

“I thought a mini wedding would save me this stress. Joke's on me,” shared a third user, @sonoran.nashville.

Another, @jaycee.s13, posted: “Seriously, why is it so hard for people to confirm whether they're coming or not?”

“[Public service announcement] Family and close friends still have to RSVP. Why did my whole family think they were 'assumed' and none of them RSVPed,” commented @user1795812987732.

“Even my 80-year-old grandparents figured out how to scan the QR code and respond all by themselves. No excuses,” @kenzarenz added.

Newsweek reached out to @hiabbylee via email for more information. Lee, who runs her business out of Southern California, has more than 36,000 followers on the platform. She regularly shares online insights into her career and daily life, as well as her wedding tips and opinions.

Lee captioned the post: “For heaven's sake – RSVP in time about the wedding.”

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A stack of wedding invitations
A stack of wedding invitations. Wedding planner Abby Lee advised viewers on the Internet to always respond to such letters immediately.

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