Apparently not everyone thinks that a wedding is just about the bride.

A video of a bride has gone viral after she told her guests to put their phones away as they walked down the aisle. But was it really necessary?

Instructions from the bride to the guests

A short video clip from a wedding was recently shared by an Australia-based photography and videography company called Maple & Mist.

In the video, all the guests are seated, the music is playing and the bride makes her grand entrance. Instead of focusing their eyes on the person she is about to marry, the bride asks the guests to stop filming and taking photos.

“Put down your phones. Come on!” says the bride, trying to keep a smile.

Unfortunately, the guests should have known better. It wasn't the first time that day that they were asked to keep their phones out of sight during the ceremony.

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“Guests were also asked by the celebrant to put their phones away prior to the ceremony as requested by the couple,” Maple & Mist wrote on their Instagram.

Should wedding guests be allowed to use telephones? spoke to photographer Khyla Nixon of Maple and Mist, who said she had never seen a bride's request not to bring cell phones so blatantly ignored.

“Usually a bride will notice it and ignore it in the moment and maybe talk about it later, but she was very clear, 'I'm saying something,'” Nixon told the website.

The photography company asked its social media followers what they thought about people pulling out their phones during wedding ceremonies. The results were surprisingly mixed.

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“My wedding was yesterday and our minister announced to put away the phones,” wrote one Instagram account. “I did NOT spend thousands of dollars to see phones!”

Another person did not understand why the bride did not focus all her attention on the ceremony as she walked down the aisle.

“I understand it's annoying, but that's what you're focusing on at one of the most important moments of your life… I don't know, man.”

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