Suspended from boxing for a year (and fined just over a million dollars), Ryan Garcia believes he has the answer: He needs to turn to another sport, another combat sport – MMA. And so Garcia, whose big win in April over Devin Haney was also downgraded to a no-contest, has taken to social media to ask UFC boss Dana White to “get in touch” and offer him a fight in the cage.

Garcia, who still and will always claim that he never knowingly took steroids or illegal substances, wrote the following shortly after learning the punishment the NYSAC had imposed on him for his positive test:

“I'm going to the UFC. Dana White I want my 50gs ($50,000), seriously Dana White is calling me,” Garcia wrote.

Garcia announced his retirement from boxing yesterday before being suspended for a year. However, it is clear that the 25-year-old still wants to fight. Who knows what White will think of Garcia's offer, whether the UFC boss will take it seriously or not? Can we even take half of what Garcia says seriously?

But would we tune in IF Garcia actually fought in the cage? Frankly, as much as a doping offender – or a convicted doping offender – should be punished and not have the right to make a fortune by simply switching to a second combat sport, fans would pay to see Garcia fight in the UFC at least once; the novelty value would disappear if “KingRy” lost his MMA debut.

But can Garcia make the transition at this stage of his career? We've recently seen female stars/champions Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall transition into the cage, and they're both older than Garcia. So who knows, maybe Garcia could make a splash in MMA with his quick hands, quick reflexes, and overall athletic ability. Maybe.

But whether Garcia should be given the opportunity to compete in another combat sport while he is banned from boxing for doping offenses is a completely different question.

Let's see if Dana White is interested in Garcia's offer!

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