• Columbina, a Fatui Harbinger in Genshin Impact, is said to be a powerful character that should not be underestimated.
  • Leaks suggest that Columbina will be a Cryo user who will take the main DPS position and thus become a playable character.
  • Fans expect Columbina to be a major villain in the upcoming Natlan arc, possibly joining the roster by 2025.

A Genshin Influence A leak has revealed new information about a popular character set to appear in the near future: the Fatui Harbinger, known as Columbina. She made her first appearance in the trailer for A Winter Night's Lazzo along with the rest of the members of this infamous group.

The Eleven Harbingers are high-ranking officers within the Fatui organization who work for the Cryo Archon Tsaritsa, the leader of Genshin Influence's Snezhnaya region. Since her introduction, numerous rumors have suggested that Columbina could be one of the next Harbingers to appear in the main storyline.


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The official storyline has confirmed that Columbina is the Third of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, suggesting that she is one of the most powerful figures within the group. Although she initially appears harmless, the main story implies that Columbina is extremely dangerous, with both Wanderer and Tartaglia advising the Traveler not to confront her. Such a high rank within the Fatui family confirms that Columbina has powers on par with the gods of Teyvat. A Genshin Influence A leaker named White has revealed more details about Columbina's abilities on the field. According to the new leak, Columbina will be a new Cryo user who can fill the main DPS position.

Genshin Impact: Columbina – Release date, rarity and weapon type expectations

This leak also confirmed previous rumors that Columbina would become a playable character. She won't be the only Harbinger to join the roster; Tartaglia, Wanderer, and the recently added Arlecchino are all playable units in Genshin Influence. Although the leak did not reveal her rarity, she is expected to be a five-star unit since all three of the above characters are five-stars.

Since Columbina's model does not indicate that she is a physical fighter, many fans suspect that she will use either a bow or a catalyst. There is no credible information regarding her official release date, but many fans expect her to be the main villain of the upcoming Natlan arc. Genshin InfluenceThe recent special featured the first teaser for Natlan, confirming that the Pyro Nation will be the Traveler's next destination.

While Columbina might make her first appearance in Natlan's first or second update, it will likely be much longer before she joins the playable roster. The newest Harbinger, Arlecchino, was released in Genshin Influence Update 4.6, despite being introduced in the early stages of Fontaine's story development. These leaks should be taken with a grain of salt considering Columbina likely won't join the roster until 2025, meaning HoYoverse could still make many changes to her design.

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