NEW DELHI: Congress Guide Priyanka Gandhi Vadra criticized the government on Wednesday for Examination documents are leakedand claims that this issue has become a widespread national problem under the BJP's rule, which they say has negatively affected the future of many young people. This criticism comes amid controversy over alleged irregularities in the medical entrance exam NEET and the cancellation of the UGC-NET exam due to compromised test integrity.
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra noted, “In the last five years, papers of 43 recruitment exams have been leaked in the country. Under the rule of BJP, paper leakage has become a national problem of our country which has so far ruined the future of millions of youth.”
She stressed the importance of this issue given India's large youth population. “India is the youngest country in the world. We have the largest youth population. Instead of skilling and empowering these youth, the BJP government is weakening them,” she claimed.

Priyanka Gandhi highlighted the efforts and sacrifices of the students and their families. “Millions of talented students study hard day and night and prepare for various exams. Parents bear the burden of studies and sacrifice everything,” she said.
She also pointed out the financial and emotional burden on students and their families. “The children wait for years for a seat. When a seat becomes available, they have to fill the forms and take the exam and in the end, all the effort is in vain because of corruption. The BJP's corruption is weakening the country,” she noted.
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also raised his concerns on the issue on Thursday, attacking the central government, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “mentally broken down” after the last elections and will struggle to govern effectively.
Rahul Gandhi further claimed that the main reason behind the paper leaks was the takeover of educational institutions by the BJP and its parent organisation RSS. “The paper leaks will not stop unless this is reversed,” he claimed.

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