Claim: A viral video shows a youth lying on his stomach on the road as part of a stunt while an RTC bus comes towards him

Fact: The video is fake. TGSRTC MD VC Sajjanar posted a tweet on X saying that the video is completely edited

Social media has become a means of gaining exposure and popularity. Young people are addicted to various social media platforms and many feel that their dream of becoming popular overnight can come true through social media. The likes and comments on the SM platforms boost their creative skills and quench their thirst for exposure.

Against this backdrop, a video is circulating on social media showing a youth suddenly stepping out into the middle of the road and lying on his stomach while an RTC bus is coming towards him. The incident is said to have taken place in Hyderabad.

He lies on the road and the bus drives past him, whereupon the youth gets up and walks away. The video is shared with the claim that the youth performed the feat as part of a stunt.

The viral video can be seen here

Fact check: Upon closer inspection of the video, one might suspect that it is edited, because any responsible driver would not

the vehicle, even if he sees a man in front of his vehicle.

However, just hours after the video went viral, TGSRTC MD VC Sajjanar posted a tweet claiming that the video was fake and urging the public not to believe it.

He also said that such videos would bring a bad name to the RTC. He also warned that there is a risk of others imitating the performance in the video, which is likely to end in death. He said that the management of #TGSRTC considers such an act as serious and will take legal action against those who posted the video.

Sajjanar’s contribution can be seen here:

Diploma: Therefore, it is clear that the video is fake.

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