While most baseball fans watch Major League games, a high school pitcher from New Jersey has become famous for a “hidden ball” trick.

A Saturday night game in April between Delsea Regional High and Audubon High School was a close game before George Starr, pitcher for Delsea, made his move. In the now-viral clip shared with X by Jersey Sports Zone, not even the sports reporter is sure the throw was real.

When Starr hits the baserunner, the commentator shouts, “We were all fooled! The game is over!”

The clip was quickly picked up by ESPN and Sportscaster Top 10 Plays. Joe Smith, Delsea's head coach since 2002, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the trick was a long-standing play by the team.

“We work on it a lot. This is the third time in six games that we've actually tried it,” Smith said of the hidden ball trick. “We tried it twice before the season and it didn't work. The last two hits, we just felt like anything can happen in this weather; it was incredibly windy. We just said, 'Let's try it.'”

On the play, Starr appears to attempt a pick-off to second base. His infield teammates convincingly dive for the throw, encouraging the runner to leave the base. Before anyone could realize what had happened, Starr tags the runner and the play is called off, resulting in a win for Delsea.

Starr takes training for baseball seriously and regularly shares videos and snippets of his practices on his X account. In one video, he shows an impressive 88.1 on a Trackman while practicing his pitch.

With this successful play, Delsea Regional High made baseball history. Bill Coughlin of the Detroit Tigers is considered the master of the hidden ball trick. Coughlin performed the hidden ball trick in the second game of the 1907 World Series. Coughlin managed to fool his opponents and this trick is the only recorded hidden ball trick that ever occurred during a World Series game.

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