Sheffield boxer Liam Cameron weighed over 330 pounds and struggled with addiction problems after being banned from the sport for four years.

Liam Cameron struggled with alcohol and drug problems during his four-year boxing ban

Liam Cameron lost a whopping 40 kilos during his four-year boxing ban by running 42 kilometres every week.

Cameron, 33, was given a lengthy ban by the British Boxing Federation after a cocaine metabolite was found in his system in 2018. The boxer from Sheffield knew he had to change his life after drinking a bottle of vodka a day and weighing 130 kg following his retirement from boxing in early 2020.

“I was running half marathons twice a week and just enjoying running,” Cameron told Mirror Fighting. “I ended up running 100 miles with my boyfriend, which was absolutely insane. It was horrific but after the run the weight just fell off me. I lost weight pretty quickly.” Cameron's 100-mile run was to raise money for his late stepdaughter Tiegan, who died in a tragic road accident.

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Cameron knew his life was becoming dangerous because of his alcohol addiction and was ashamed of his situation. “I used to drink straight vodka, I think it doesn't have many calories. I used to drink a bottle a day, it was disgraceful. I did stupid things and it was horrible when I thought about what I was doing,” he added.

“Perhaps what happens to you shapes you, doesn't it? I don't know, but I never thought something like this could happen to me.” Cameron weighed 330 pounds in his time, but now weighs just over 165 pounds before he fights Lyndon Arthur tonight in Bolton on Channel 5.

Cameron has won three fights since returning to the sport last year and is ready to take a big step forward in competing against Arthur, who lost to light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol in his last fight. “I just can't look past it, it's not something I can really do. It would be stupid of me to do that,” he added.

“It's pretty brave what I've done in the nine months since my comeback. They say Lyndon is world class, but I did it in nine months after not being able to fight for five years. So I'm proud of myself.” “Arthur vs. Cameron” takes place tonight at 10pm live and free on Channel 5.

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