• Genshin Impact 4.8 leaks reveal around 15,000 Primogems for players, enabling over 90 wishes.
  • Various activities contribute to the Primogem count, including limited-time events and exploration.
  • Fewer Primogems are expected in version 4.8 compared to 4.7, possibly due to activity rotations.

The number of available veterans in the Genshin Influence Update 4.8 has leaked, suggesting it could be worth it for players who are either waiting for the new 5-star character or saving up for the Natlan characters coming later this year. Version 4.8 is expected to be the last update before the addition of the Nation of Pyro and the start of the action RPG's fourth year of content. Aside from the official confirmation of new character Emilie in Genshin Influence 4.8, otherwise the developer HoYoverse has revealed little about the upcoming update.

However, through leaks, players can get another glimpse of what they can play through in the next patch. So far, leaks have mentioned that Emilie is a 5-star polearm user who specializes in working as a Dendro sub-DPS that boosts things like burn reactions. There have also been several leaks regarding smaller Quality of Life (QoL) updates, such as reduced respawn times for world bosses and even a new graphics setting. Now, some leaks are starting to predict how many Primogems will be available in Genshin Influence 4.8, a practice that has been used for years now.


Genshin Impact 4.8 leaks hint at a feature that will make quests much better

Rumor has it that Genshin Impact 4.8 will have a new Quality of Life update that will bring a number of new features that can improve players' questing experience.

How many Primogems do you get with Genshin Impact 4.8

The number of wishes is calculated based on regular content and leaks

Based on the regular content available in the game with each patch and the information leaked so far, Players will have access to nearly 15,000 Primogems in version 4.8. According to calculations that were then published in a post tagged “speculation” on Reddit, version 4.8 will offer players a total of 14,905 Primogems, which is about 93 wishes that can be used in the banners. However, according to this new Genshin Influence 4.8 leak, 53 of these wishes will be available during the first half of the update, known as Phase 1.

Rumored Primogem count for Genshin Impact 4.8 takes multiple activities into account

Free-to-play players still have access to a large number of wishes

Emilie from Genshin Impact extends her hand and is surrounded by purple crackling effects.
Custom image by Bruno Yonezawa

The calculation used to speculate how many Primogems players will receive in version 4.8 takes into account several activities that grant the resource both in-game and out-of-game. Based on the graphic provided in the leak, Exploration alone, which will most likely take place in the rumored new limited-time map, will grant players 1,035 Primogems. Alternatively, the limited-time events themselves offer 2,260. These numbers are likely based on previous maps and events that were released during the last patch before the arrival of a new region in Genshin Influence.

For example, in version 3.8, players had access to Veluriyam Mirage, a limited-time map that hosted the Secret Summer Paradise event.

The estimate also takes into account the wishes received through the Stardust exchange as well as maximizing the Spiral Abyss and the Imaginarium Theater. Outside of the game, players can also increase their Primogem count by receiving HoYoLAB's login bonuses, redeeming the corresponding livestream codes, participating in web events, and receiving them from Twitch drops. F2P (free-to-play) players who do not purchase additional bonuses are calculated to have access to up to 9,385 Primogems, which is equivalent to 58 wishes. Of these, 36 are expected to be available in Genshin Influence 4.8 first half.

“Players must maximize all activities in the update to reach the highest possible Primogem count.”

The estimate also shows that players who subscribe to the Welkin Moon Blessing offer can increase their total number of Primogems from 9,385 F2P Wishes to 13,575, which is roughly 84 Wishes – 49 of which are available during Phase 1. If players subscribe to both the Welkin Moon service and purchase the Premium Battle Pass, The number increases to the equivalent of 14,905 Primogems, allowing players to make 93 wishes. 53 of these 93 wishes in Genshin Influence 4.8 are also said to be available in the first half of the update.


All Genshin Impact 4.8 characters confirmed (Phase 1 and Phase 2 banners)

Details about the characters and banner structure of Phase 1 and Phase 2 in Genshin Impact 4.8 have reportedly leaked ahead of release.

The calculation assumes that there will be no new achievements in version 4.8, so the regular Primordial Prizes that come from such achievements will not be calculated. It is also worth noting that the figure offered by the estimate takes into account the maximum amount of Primordial Prizes and Wishes during the update if players do not use the recharge system to buy more. This also means that Players can only reach these Primogem numbers by maximizing all activities which in the Genshin Influence Leak, from the limited-time events to the Twitch Drops and HoYoLAB logins for example.

The calculation does not take into account older quests and the first-time completion of certain activities, such as the Imaginarium Theater. If players catch up on older activities during version 4.8, they can increase their Primogem count.

There may be fewer Primogems available in Genshin Impact 4.8 than in version 4.7

Gaming from Genshin Impact looks happy as he poses next to three Primogems.

Based on the leak, the new update might be less generous when it comes to the Primogems offered to players. The estimated 93 wishes are enough for players to reach and surpass their first pity in the gacha system, provided they are willing to spend it all during the update. Compared to the amount of Primogems in Genshin Influence 4.7, Players will receive about three fewer wishes in the next patch. The same calculation done for the current update predicted that players could receive an estimated 96 wishes, including Welkin Moon and the Battle Pass.

In comparison, however, version 4.7 introduces a brand new game mode called Imaginarium Theater, which offers a bonus for completing it for the first time. This bonus was taken into account in the calculation, which helped with the overall estimate. In addition, the Spiral Abyss receives more cycles in version 4.7 than expected in version 4.8, which also lowers the Primogem count. Despite this, the number of Primogems estimated in version 4.8 seems to match most of what is offered with each Genshin Influence To updatealbeit a little less.


Genshin Impact Natlan leaks: Level update can drastically change the course of the game

Players can look forward to a major update to how levels work when Natlan, the nation of Pyros, is finally released in Genshin Impact 5.0 later this year.

Now the game is shifting into high gear as Natlan draws closer. Version 4.8 players may have to decide whether to spend their Primogems on Emilie or keep their wishes for the new Natlan characters set to arrive in version 5.0, after the end of version 4.8 if the game's story is any reference. At the moment, very few details are known about the Nation of Pyro, especially compared to Fontaine at the same time last year. However, players shouldn't have to wait long for Natlan's release in. Genshin Influencewhich is supposed to happen at the end of August.

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