Ryan Garcia’s one-year suspension by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) was reportedly retroactively dated to his last fight on April 20, 2024, when he fought Devin Haney.

Fan reactions and the “slap on the fingers”

This means that Ryan Garcia could be back in the ring in ten months and could reapply for a fighting license by April 20, 2025. The fact that Ryan is coming back a little earlier due to the retroactive suspension is good for his career, for the sport of boxing and possibly for Haney if he is the lucky one to face the cash cow next.

Fans are outraged on social media because they see the New York Commission's one-year ban on rising star Ryan Garcia as a slap on the wrist.

Critics see the backdating as a sign of leniency on the part of the New York Commission towards Ryan and are furious. Many of them want Ryan to be banned for two years or for life.

Fans want Garcia to receive a full 12-month suspension that begins with the New York Commission meeting on Thursday, which would put Ryan out of action for a full 14 months since his fight against Haney was in April.

The fact that he can only fight in April next year and not in June does not mean much, as it would not be particularly stressful for him if he had to wait a little longer for the fight.

Whether fans want to admit it or not, Ryan is one of the most popular fighters in the United States and taking him out of action for a year or more is not good for the sport because of the financial implications.

Haney's contradictory attitude

Haney believes Ryan should be suspended for a longer period, but it's unclear how that would help Haney, as he would have no chance to avenge his loss and earn a big payday.

It's unclear if Haney has thought this through in his head, because he has no benefit if Ryan is suspended for longer. There is no gain for Haney if Ryan, the financier, is suspended for over a year.

Devin needs the rematch with Ryan to help his career. He probably won't make as much money fighting the Sharks in the 147 division if he wants to fight in that division now. Haney's chances of succeeding at welterweight are slim because he lacks the power and striking ability to compete with Sharks like Jaron “Boots” Ennis and Brian Norman Jr.

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