Conor McGregor's injury is, according to his own account, a broken toe, which he sustained during training immediately before the fight.

“We had a lapse in concentration and went into a training session without wearing full protective gear and I stubbed my toe on my elbow and broke it cleanly,” McGregor said in an Instagram post on Friday. “It's a couple of weeks, that's all.”

Conor McGregor poses during a ceremonial weigh-in for UFC 264 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Conor McGregor announced that he had to withdraw from UFC 303 due to a broken toe. Getty Images

“The fans deserve it and we're close. A little lapse in concentration and a pesky injury crept in. That's it. Learn from it and look forward. I'll get it back… I have two fights left on my contract.”

There was unfounded speculation that McGregor was in rehab for his partying addiction, but his publicist told the Washington Post that this was not the case.

“Mr. McGregor is with his family – and all reports to the contrary are false,” said Karen Kessler, McGregor's PR manager. “He is looking forward to rescheduling his next fight.”

The Post had previously reported that McGregor would be ready in August or September, although the promoter would likely have to build an entirely new fight card to do so.

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UFC 305 is currently scheduled for Perth, Australia, while UFC 306 will take place at The Sphere in Las Vegas.

Neither is likely to be a venue for a McGregor fight night, as the Irishman has not fought in MMA outside of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas since 2016.

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