The group published 104 files allegedly originating from NHS hospitals in London

Akshaya Asokan (asokan_akshaya) •
21 June 2024

Qilin ransomware group releases NHS data
Russian-speaking ransomware hackers have apparently released data they stole from a British medical laboratory services provider. (Image: Shutterstock)

A ransomware group late Thursday released information stolen during an attack that, among other things, disrupted the rescheduling of cancer treatments and organ transplants at two London National Health Service hospitals.

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The Russian-speaking Qilin ransomware group attacked Synnovis, a UK provider of medical laboratory services to NHS hospitals, earlier this month. The attack disrupted services at NHS King's College and Guy's and St. Thomas' and forced the healthcare facilities to postpone at least 1,500 medical appointments (see: NHS ransomware hack: 1,500 doctor appointments postponed).

On Thursday, hours after Qilin publicly listed Synnovis as a victim on its Tor website, the group released 3.7 gigabytes of data on its Telegram channel.

“NHS England has been informed that last night the cybercriminal group released data they claim belongs to Synnovis and was stolen as part of this attack,” the hospital spokesperson told Information Security Media Group.

The hackers posted around 104 files on the group's Telegram channel. The leaked files allegedly contain blood test data, the BBC reported. The NHS Blood and Transplant had previously called on blood donors with blood types 0 positive and 0 negative to make appointments at the 25 NHS blood donation centers in order to replenish blood supplies after the hack.

A Synnovis spokesperson did not say whether the attackers released the data after the service refused to pay a ransom. The group reportedly demanded $50 million from Synnovis (see: Ransomware attackers at a British pathology lab demanded $50 million).

The spokesman said the company was continuing to investigate the incident alongside the NHS and the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Centre.

“This is undoubtedly one of the worst cyberattacks the UK has faced in recent history,” said Conor Agnew, senior cybersecurity expert at Closed Door Security in the UK. “This latest leak is designed to put more pressure on Synnovis and force them to pay, while demonstrating the highly sensitive data Qilin now has in its possession.”

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