The 2023-24 NBA season may be over, but summer basketball is just beginning! And we'll keep you updated on all the 2024 summer basketball deals at BettingPros. The Big3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Ice Cube that features some of the best players of all time. Games take place every weekend during the regular season, and we have picks for every single Big3 matchup. Let's take a look at the best odds, tips, and predictions for this week's Big3 basketball action.

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Best bets for Big3 basketball 2024: Week 2

Here are our top picks for this week’s Big3 basketball action.

Enemies vs. Ghost Ballers

The defending champions started the season off right last weekend with a comeback win over the Triplets. After trailing by as many as 13 points (but only two at halftime, 25-23), the Enemies dominated “Iso-Joe” and the rest of the Triplets 27-19 in the second half to secure a 50-44 victory. Another challenge awaits them this weekend against the Ghost Ballers, who also came back from a deficit in Week 1 (50-48). Whatever adjustments Enemies head coach Nick Young made at halftime worked, considering the drastic difference between the two halves. But he will face a team with a drastically different style this weekend, coached by an NBA legend, George “The Iceman” Gervin.

Selection: Enemies -3.5 (-110)

– Travis Pulver

Trilogy vs. Tri-State

Both teams suffered tough losses in Week 1, albeit under different circumstances. Trilogy had a 25-19 halftime lead but were blown out of the water 33-22 in the second half, losing 52-47. Tri-State, on the other hand, was simply blown out of the water, losing 51-37 to the Ball Hogs. Both teams struggled with their shooting in their respective games. In this matchup, Trilogy could have the edge. While it hurt that team captain Earl Clark made 4 of 20 shots, the team played solid defense. On the other hand, Tri-State couldn't get anything going on offense or defense. Trilogy looks to be the better team and should win, but it's hard to say if they can make up for that.

Tip: UNDER 91.5 (+100)

– Travis Pulver

3's Company vs Bivouac

Bivouac fought back from a 25-19 halftime deficit to outscore Trilogy 33-22 to secure a 52-47 victory. Gerald Green led the way with 18 points, while Garlon Green and Corey Brewer each had double-doubles. Meanwhile, 3's Company won a thriller against Power. They finished the game with four players in double figures, and Reggie Evans, the only player not to score at least 10 points, grabbed 11 rebounds. Although four of their five players scored consistently, 3's Company's performance was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, they managed to pull off the win. Now, with a game under their belt, they will use all of their weapons to effortlessly defeat arguably the worst 1-0 team in the league.

Selection: 3's Company -3.5 (-110)

– Phil Wood

Power vs Killer 3

Both Power and the Killer 3's are coming off heartbreaking losses in Week 1. Power lost to 3's Company 52-50, while the Killer 3's lost to the Ghost Ballers 50-48. While both teams performed well in Week 1, the Killer 3's are favored by 5.5 in this game. That's way too wide a spread. The Killer 3's lost their first game because of two players: Mike Taylor and Chris Johnson combined for 41 points. While Power has a little more depth, they also have two players who can score quickly. Glen Rice Jr. and Marcus Foster combined for 32 points in Week 1. Ricer and Foster are in for big games this week. And Power's defense will be better against a team that isn't as deep as 3's Company. We're not saying Power will win the game, but they'll keep it close.

Selection: Strength +5.5 (-110)

– Phil Wood

Triplets against three-headed monsters

The 3 Headed Monsters have a loaded roster with Greg Monroe, Brandon Moss and Jeff Teague. Ultimately, head coach Rashard Lewis has put together several lineups and has gotten eight or more points from each player in Week 1. Teague and Monroe could fit perfectly in the Big 3 after their 51-46 win over the Aliens. On the other hand, the Triplets lost Week 1 to the Enemies. They are led by Joe Johnson, who scored 22 points on 20 field goal attempts. But they are not nearly as strong as the 3-Headed Monsters and cannot be considered reliable this week.

Selection: 3-headed monster +2.5 (+100)

– Jason Radowitz

Ball Pigs vs Aliens

The Aliens are in big trouble if Paul Milsap is injured. He had to leave the game against the 3-Headed Monsters in Week 1 early due to injury and did not return, so his status is uncertain now. That same team struggled last season, and without Milsap, things could get ugly again this year. Meanwhile, the Ball Hogs are coming off a 51-37 win over Tri-State in Week 1. Leandro Barbosa and Jodie Meeks are excellent scoring guards, but the Ball Hogs could dominate the league this season with new addition Larry Sanders on defense. With the Aliens trending down and the Ball Hogs trending up, take the Ball Hogs at -3.5.

Selection: Ball Hogs -3.5 (-110)

– Jason Radowitz

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