Hooda: BJP is playing with the future of youth through paper leaks and fraud

Sonipat (Haryana): Veteran Congress MP and two-time Chief Minister of Haryana Bhupinder Hooda on Friday accused the BJP government of playing with the future of the youth through information leaks and recruitment scams.

He also said that the Congress had won the Lok Sabha election battle in the state and would win in the upcoming assembly elections as well.

“Be it NEET or UGC NET at the national level or a series of recruitment scams in Haryana, the BJP's wrongdoings will be exposed,” Hooda, who is also the leader of the opposition, told a gathering of party workers.

State party president Chaudhary Udaibhan, newly elected Sonipat MP Satpal Brahmachari, former Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Sharma and former state President Dharampal Malik were also present at the event.

In his address, Hooda said the Congress is protesting against NEET and NET paper cheating across the country.

“In Haryana, the Congress has repeatedly raised this issue on the streets and in Parliament, but the BJP has never learnt a lesson from its actions. Therefore, the public has taught the BJP a lesson in the Lok Sabha elections,” he said, thanking the voters and workers for the victory of the Sonipat Congress candidate.

He said that after “winning one front, we must now prepare to win the next front. For this, it is necessary to further strengthen public relations. Go to all communities and tell them about the failures of the current government.”

“It is important to tell the public that during the Congress government before 2014, Haryana was the number one state in the country in terms of per capita income, per capita investment, employment, sportspersons, respect for elders and farmers, law and order and prosperity. The BJP made the state number one in terms of unemployment, crime, corruption and drug addiction. That is why the public decided to bring the Congress government to power,” he added.

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