Fresh from covering the US Open in Pinehurst, Rogers was willing to talk to me about her career and what makes Rhode Island so special.

Q: You've become quite a well-known golf journalist over the last few years, and I think part of that is because you produce content that's relatable and doesn't feel like you have to prove you're the smartest analyst in the world. Tell us about your golf upbringing and why you decided to pursue golf journalism as a career.

Rogers: I grew up in a golf-loving family and played in Wannamosiett's junior golf program as a kid, so I was always very familiar with the game. Starting in 5th grade, I volunteered every summer at the Northeast Amateur, and my family always hosted a few players for the week. I played on the Wheeler School's high school golf team for four years, and that's when I really started to love being on the course. Playing nine holes with my teammates every day after school remains a highlight of my time at Wheeler. I studied psychology at Boston College, but followed the PGA Tour very closely every week. In 2016, I contacted an editor at Golf Digest and practically begged him for an internship. I spent two summers there before graduating, and have been in the golf industry ever since!

Q: Golf in Rhode Island is headed into a special few weeks between the Northeast Amateurs this week and the U.S. Senior Open next week. What do you hope the golf world will learn about your home state?

Rogers: I hope people realize what a golf gem Rhode Island is and what a great golf community is here. I have made many of my best friends through golf in Rhode Island and I think anyone who comes through over the next few weeks will feel right at home. Wannamoisett and Newport CC are two incredible courses and there are a handful of others in the area that are well worth checking out as well.

Q: There's a good chance you know Wannamoisett better than any journalist in the world. If any of the players are smart enough to read Rhode Map before their round starts today or tomorrow, tell us three fun secrets about the course.

Rogers: 1) The pond on hole 14 came into play at the 2009 Junior Club Championship when a player swam out to the island and made bogey. Don't be afraid to get creative! 2) Justin Thomas says the par 3 3rd hole at Wannamoisett is his favorite hole in the world. 3) The concession stand is located on the 12th green, but is also easily accessible from the 7th fairway and 16th tee if you want to grab a bite to eat.

Q: My favorite recurring project of yours is called “The Scoop,” where you actually sit down with the world’s best golfers over ice cream and talk about their careers (spoiler: the best episode is actually with JR Smith, who played in the NBA for ages and has now turned to golf.) Which Rhode Islander would you most like to have on the show?

Rogers: Brad Faxon! I got to know him a little last year. He is an eight-time PGA Tour winner and now a golf analyst. He is Rory McIlroy's Putting coach and one of the best putters of all time. Given our love of golf and Rhode Island, we would certainly have a lot to talk about.

Q: I can't let you go without telling us your four favorite places in Rhode Island, public or private.

Rogers: This ranking is less about a public ranking and more about the fun I had on these places:

⛳ Wannamoisett (I'm biased as most of my childhood golf memories are from here).

⛳ Agawam (home of the Wheeler Golf Games).

⛳ Triggs (I got some really high scores here in tournaments back in the day).

⛳ Misquamicut (Right on the water and I'm pretty sure you can see Taylor Swift's Watch Hill House from some of the holes.

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