Former Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice went viral this week after the Reagan Presidential Library shared a short clip defending the need for school choice in the U.S. Rice's viral moment led many on the right to not only praise Rice but also express regret that she would not run for president in 2024.

“Are you for school choice or not? We already have a choice system in education. If you have sufficient resources, you will move to a district where the schools are good and the houses are expensive, like Palo Alto, California. Across the street from Stanford, there is a performing arts center at Palo Alto High that looks like a smaller version of Stanford's,” Rice said in the speech earlier this month, adding:

If you are really rich, you will send your children to private schools. So who gets stuck in failing neighborhood schools? Poor kids? Many of them are children of minorities. So how can you say you are for civil rights? How can you say you

for the poor, if you condemn these children to not being able to read? By the time they're in third grade, they'll never be able to read. So if you want to say that school choice, vouchers and charter schools are destroying public schools, that's fine. You write that editorial in the Washington Post, but then don't send your kids to Sidwell Friends.

Sidwell Friends is an elite private school outside of Washington, DC, with tuition well over $50,000 per year.

Rice’s sharp opinions quickly caught on online, with everyone from congressmen and senators to media personalities like Wise Steele, who said: “I love this clip – especially the end. Man… what I would give if Condi Rice was a presidential candidate!!! I can't blame her for staying away though…”

Here are some more reactions to Rice:


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