A gas leak from a pipeline belonging to the Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) on JM Road in Shivajinagar triggered panic among local residents on Friday. No casualties were reported in the incident.

The Pune Fire Department control room received an emergency call at around 11:45 am regarding a gas leak from an MNGL pipeline near Shubham Hotel on JM Road.
Shortly afterwards, a fire brigade team rushed to the scene of the accident. Firefighters and MNGL technicians tried to stop the gas leak.

Fire service officials said the gas leak occurred after an MNGL pipeline was accidentally damaged during sewerage work by the Pune Municipal Corporation in the lane near Shubham Hotel.

The gas leak caused fear, which led to some shops and hotels in the area closing their operations for some time. In the meantime, MNGL technicians closed the main valve of the damaged pipeline.

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“After the main valve of the damaged pipeline was closed, the gas leak was comparatively slow. However, gas was still present in the canal. Soon after, the PMC workers resumed their work, which sparked a fire in the canal due to the impact of the JCB machine. Firefighters poured water and controlled the flames.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident,” said Praveen Ranadive of the Erandwane station of the Pune Fire Service.

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