WNBA referees overlook several rule violations by Angel Reese in Thursday’s victory against the Dallas Wingswhich highlights both Reese's lack of experience and the lack of quality among the league's referees.

In the third quarter of Chicago sky83-72 victory, Reese intercepted a pass and what followed was almost comical.

Angel Reese believes her friend is her “unknown twin” in a viral social media post

The former LSU star appeared to make two double dribbles, carried the ball and likely went for distance, yet not a single violation was called, according to Outkick.

Of course, the NBA cannot escape accusations of similarly poor refereeing, and many consider Luka Doncic's way of collecting fouls through shots to be a prime example of unpunished walking.

However, Reese managed to march down the court and make a layup instead of being denied possession of the ball by a running error.

WNBA has the undesirable reputation of poor refereeing

The WNBA is notorious for poor refereeing, and this game was no exception, further fueling fans' anger over the quality of the referees.

Given the events of this season, it is difficult to argue with that reputation. Caitlin Clark was repeatedly fouled without being punished, Kelsey Plum was hit hard without a foul being called, and now Reese committed several infractions without the referees blowing their whistles.

As outrageous as ReeseThe unpunished violations were the unpunished foul on Kelsey Plum is particularly inexplicable. She was practically dragged across the court and the WNBA referees did nothing.

The examples of incompetence and poor refereeing are piling up. The standard of refereeing in the WNBA needs to be drastically improved. The league is finally getting some attention, but it only highlights the shortcomings of the referees day after day.

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