A woman explained her “girls' math” Newsweek after her reasons for telling friends that she was always busy with her boyfriend on Fridays, even though she saw him several times throughout the week, went viral.

Some time with him counts more than others, says Samantha Wong of Vancouver. But her logic doesn't add up for some commentators.

In conversation with Newsweek, Wong said, “What I'm saying is that it's entirely realistic to want to spend more time with your partner, especially if you're in a healthy, committed relationship. However, the time you do spend together often doesn't feel like quality time because you're tackling different areas every time you 'hang out', go to friend groups, family get-togethers, etc.

“I refer to these non-quality time events as 'not counting' toward real time with my partner because I make it a point to prioritize quality time, one of my love languages, and actively plan ahead to make sure we have quality time each week.”

In her post shared on TikTok in April under the username samcity_, Wong, 28, explained that meeting up with other people or when it's convenient for them doesn't count as spending time with her boyfriend, so she'll go out with him on the weekend even though they've been seeing each other all week.

she said Newsweek: “When I make plans with someone (friend, family, boyfriend), I commit to sticking to that plan EVEN if I have already spent time with the same person earlier in the week.”

Math plans for women and girls
Samantha Wong in her TikTok video. She explains why she tells friends she is busy with her boyfriend even though she spent most of the week with him.


In the clip, she says: “When someone asks me if I'm free on Friday, I say, 'No, I have plans with my boyfriend.' And the answer is, 'Haven't you seen him four times this week?' And they don't count.”

“One time it was purely for convenience. He slept over because he had to work really early and I live closer to his work, so that doesn't count. One time we hung out with my boyfriend, so that obviously doesn't count as hanging out.

“Then of course we had to hang out with his friends, because of equality. No, but on Sunday we went to my family, so that doesn't count either, because that's family time.

“Friday is date night and it’s the only day this week that I’m actually seeing my boyfriend, so unfortunately I don’t have time.”

She also shared a caption with the new viral clip that read: “I'm a girl and this is girl math.”

She added in her interview with Newsweek: “Interestingly, this video sparked polarizing reactions. On one hand, viewers were concerned that friendships were not a priority and that I would 'lose all my friends soon.' On the other hand, viewers affirmed that spending time together is important and that plans, no matter who you are with, should be honored without question.”

Although the poster promotes maintaining healthy relationships, many young Americans go out less than previous generations.

In 2023, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that nearly 47 percent of the American population (just over 117 million people) were single.

According to their statistics, the proportion of married men and women has fallen from around 60 to 40 percent over the last 30 years, while the number of single men has risen to 40 percent and women to over 30 percent.

Wong's video quickly went viral on social media, attracting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 3.6 million views and 540,300 likes on the platform.

One user, PhilippaAfterDark, commented: “No, but there's nothing worse than wanting to meet a friend and she brings her boyfriend.”

Angel said: “Honestly, my friends understand when I say no. Even if they didn't, I don't care, he's my boyfriend and I want to be with him when I want to be with him. I don't have to explain anything to anyone.”

Steven Rice wrote, “Make time for your friends, or they will stop asking you out because they will just assume you are neither interested nor busy.”

Epicfunnypage added, “People don't understand that the boyfriend literally becomes the best friend. Keeping the balance between boyfriend and friend is the hardest part!”

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