The “girl with the list” who went viral on TikTok speaks out after rumors emerged that she is pregnant, even though she categorically does not have any children.

The “girl with the list” has become a legend on TikTok because her video series compiles numerous reasons why she and other people choose not to get pregnant.

From permanent body changes to major lifestyle adjustments and more, the “list” has become a major topic of conversation in childless online circles—but in June 2024, rumors began circulating that the person who created the list was pregnant herself.

Most notably, a TikToker named “Zulf” created a video claiming pregnancy and accusing the creator of “being off topic.”

“This is the funniest thing I've heard today,” she said in her video, which has been viewed over 3 million times since it was posted six days before this writing.

There's a little backstory to the famous list. The list itself was inspired by TikTok user “zoomie,” who went viral in 2020 thanks to her videos listing the many reasons why she doesn't want to get pregnant.

Another user also gained viral fame for using Zoomie's videos to create the list, which was widely shared on social media in numerous screenshots of the Notes app. This user, named “Yuni,” no longer posts and actually created the list as part of a school assignment.

Zoomie explained this difference in a video addressing the pregnancy rumors about her and Yuni, saying no, neither she nor Yuni are pregnant.

To prove her point, she took a sip of rosé and said, “Could a pregnant woman do something like that? I don't think so.”

“I'm the girl with the list and I'm not pregnant!” she exclaimed. “I appreciate the well wishes… but they are not necessary.”

Despite her explanation between her and Yuni, commenters claim that she is not the real “girl with the list” – but one viewer urged her to trademark the phrase, which she apparently considered doing in a response.

While Zoomie says she has absolutely no problem with Yuni using her content to create the list, she insists she is “the OG” and urges her followers to “take their birth control.”

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