Regardless of how much of a Swiftie fan you are considered, it's hard to ignore Taylor Swift's fiery position as one of the dominant forces on the planet of music. Unfortunately, this fire broke out in the pop diva's New York apartment, forcing her to take up arms against the flames as she put out the ordeal.

Taylor Swift saves the day when a small fire breaks out in the kitchen of her New York apartment during her songwriting session with Gracie Abrams.

Fortunately, she wasn't alone in the shocking turn of events. With her “Us” song partner Gracie Abrams by her side, Swift got through the shocking ordeal despite her initial confusion about how to use a fire extinguisher.

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Abrams, who spent the summer of 2023 opening Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour of epic proportions, not only released her new album, “The Secret of US,” on Friday, but also offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes debacle that ultimately led to their duet “Us.” The shocking video storming the internet at this moment shows Swift putting out a small fire in the kitchen of her apartment.

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What happened in Taylor Swift's viral fire extinguisher video?

Gracie took a seat in the background and led Taylor through the scene, giving everyone important life lessons on how to fight a kitchen fire, especially when electrical appliances are involved: “You're going to put it out with fire. NOT water.” Meanwhile, Swift did her best to operate the fire extinguisher, shouting, “I think we're going to die.”

Like any other person who has difficulty using a fire extinguisher, Swift asks the big question: “What can I do about it?” just before condensing her inner anguish and giving expression to it by breaking out for a moment into the familiar tune of the swear word “b**ch.”

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Despite her stressed state of mind, Swift handled the situation calmly and saved the day when the fire extinguisher finally listened to her urgent pleas. “Our purses are ruined, and my shoes, and the whole room, I think,” she joked after a cloud-covered mess overtook the fiery disaster. One of her cats later arrived at the scene.

Gracie Abrams shared this clip with another video of her and Taylor happily singing in unison while practicing songwriting for their new song. “Writing this entire song from 2am to 6am was the most fun I've ever had in my life. @taylorswift13 now we know how to use a fire extinguisher. I love you,” the “Risk” singer wrote on her social media platforms.

While we can't say if the pop stars were cooking something in the kitchen when the heated transaction leaked, we can definitely say they've cooked up a hit for summer 2024.

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