If you've been scrolling through TikTok lately, you may have seen the latest recipe trend that's ideal for hot summer days.

Meet the Cracking Latte: a homemade iced latte surrounded by a hard chocolate shell. It sounds delicious and it's so satisfying to hear the *crack* of the shell when you gently squeeze the plastic cup it's in.

When I saw this trendy drink, I knew I had to try it. Does the chocolate actually add flavor to the iced coffee, or is it just for show? Here's how to make the amazing latte and read my honest review below.

This recipe requires a plastic cup. Since I don't usually buy plastic cups, I went to my local coffee shop and asked for a large empty cup with a lid, which they readily gave me for free. Otherwise, I already had all the ingredients at home: mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, milk, and coffee.

I started by adding about a cup of chocolate chips to a bowl. This was more than enough – I'd recommend using ⅔ to ¾ cup if you're trying this at home. To melt, I microwaved the chocolate in 5-second intervals, stirring gently between each step until it was a smooth consistency. Be careful not to stir too much or the chocolate may solidify.

Then I evenly coated the inside of the plastic cup with the melted chocolate. After the chocolate completely covered the inside of the cup, I placed the cup in the freezer to allow the chocolate to fully harden. This took about 10 minutes.

The rest was easy: After adding ice to the cup, I took my milk of choice (almond milk) and my coffee of choice (Dunkin' Original Iced Coffee) and poured both into the cup in equal proportions. Is this technically a latte? No, since a latte is made of espresso and steamed milk, the name is misleading in that regard. But the flavors will be similar because of the milk-to-coffee ratio, and you can add steamed milk on top if you want—I decided to follow the trend, so I didn't.

After resealing the lid, it was time to try out the “cracking” part of the name. I squeezed my cold drink and to my surprise, it worked. The satisfying cracking sound filled the room and I watched the chocolate shell break apart through the clear plastic. The harder I squeezed the cup, the more chocolate mixed with the coffee.

The trend worked, but the flavor was very mild. I mostly just tasted the coffee and milk and not much chocolate. I could imagine it working if I was outside in the sun and the chocolate slowly melted into the coffee, creating a delicious blend. As someone who only puts about half a teaspoon of sugar in their coffee every morning, the subtle flavor didn't bother me, but if you're a mocha fan, it's definitely something to keep in mind.

Nutritionally speaking, this drink contains simple ingredients that are easy to incorporate into a healthy diet. Just be careful of the amount of calories and added sugar in the chocolate you use if you want to incorporate this into your daily ritual. Eat wellWe believe that every food and drink can be enjoyed in moderation, so if you only have an occasional sip, use your favorite chocolate for a cafe-like experience. However, if you want to enjoy this drink more regularly, we recommend using less chocolate or opting for a smaller cup.

Overall, I was impressed with how easy this trend was. I'll definitely stick with my regular coffee routine, but this drink has inspired me to experiment more with my morning brew. I'll be trying the next TikTok drink trend when it arrives – and writing about it here on Instagram. Eat well.

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