Assimilation Golf is scheduled to open in McKinney this summer, owner Tyrone Van Aswegen said.

The details

The company will offer two indoor facilities featuring Trackman golf simulator technology, according to its website. Guests will be able to play a round of golf on courses from around the world. The golf simulators will also provide instant feedback and analysis of player technique, Van Aswegen said.

“The technology is so good that it makes it … so close to reality, and the nature of the technology makes coaching so much easier,” he said.

The 2,000-square-foot facility will also feature a putting green and golf-specific fitness equipment. Van Aswegen is a McKinney resident and former professional golfer with over 30 years of golf experience, including time on the PGA Tour. He will offer golf instruction and coaching at the facility.

“After I retired from professional golf, I didn't want to work as a golf coach at a country club and stand out on the driving range anymore,” Van Aswegen said. “I really wanted to do my own thing and I can't just open a golf course, so I came up with this idea.”

Dive deeper

The golf company, located in the Urban Garages complex, is membership-based and offers two membership options, according to its website. The membership includes amenities such as one free practice session per month, as well as one free guest with each visit. The Elite Pro membership option also includes 24/7 access to the facility, according to the company's website.

Guests of any experience level can play golf at Assimilation, Van Aswegen said.

“Golf is a little bit of an elusive sport,” he said. “We just have so much to offer people that can improve them and make them fun.”

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