A key element to improving your ball striking is good golf posture. Top instructor Shawn Callahan reveals how to achieve this

The correct posture when golfing improves your ability to hit the ball. Here you can find out how to ensure the correct posture.

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Welcome to Shaving Strokes, a series where we share improvements, insights and variety from amateur golfers like you — including some of the obstacles and challenges they've encountered along the way.

As a mediocre player, I think of a lot while I stand over my golf ball before a shot.

Did I follow my pre-shot routine? Checked. Is my ball position in the right place based on the shot I'm making? Checked. Is my golf grip OK? Where the heck am I aiming? Checked and triple checked.

While all of these things are good, there is one element of the swing that is often overlooked: proper golf posture.

If you are having trouble with your golf posture, GOLF Top 100 instructor Jon Tattersall recommends the following checkpoints to improve it

Use these 3 checkpoints to improve your golf posture, says top teacher


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According to GOLF Top 100 Instructor Shawn Callahan, too many amateurs perform all of the steps listed above (and more!) but don't have the proper posture to properly pivot and hit the ball first.

“Posture is one of the most important keys to hitting the ball well,” Callahan tells me. “But it's also the most overlooked.”

But with the help of Callahan's tip below, you can improve your golf posture and hit better shots as a result. Check out what he says.

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How to achieve the correct golf posture

“When a student comes to me for a swing lesson, I always check their basic swing principles – like grip, stance, setup and posture,” says Callahan.

One of the most important aspects of the entire golf swing is your golf stance, which Callahan says helps differentiate consistent ball-striking players from mid- to high-handicap players.

“Look at any of the professional players we see on TV and you'll notice how well they line up,” he adds. “Back bent, legs slightly bent, body aligned parallel to the target line. This isn't by chance, they've worked on it, refined it and made it part of their pre-shot routine.”

So what does the perfect golf posture look like? Callahan explains it below – which leads to better shots.

Use a mirror to optimize your golf posture

Callahan demonstrates what the correct golf posture should look like.

Image via Shawn Callahan

“Good posture means you can bring the club down to level much more easily. It also encourages your core muscles to work together, generating both power and speed for the golf swing,” says Callahan.

First, he suggests looking for a mirror or a sliding glass door to check your golf posture – everyone has one of these at home. Basically, anything that offers a reflection should work.

Next, point your mirror at the line as if you had a golf instructor standing behind you. Callahan then provides you with a checklist to go through to make sure you're using the correct form.

“Are your knees bent too much, making it look like you're squatting to get to the ball? Is your back too rounded? Are you flexing your stomach instead of flexing your hips? All of these characteristics lead to compensations in your swing that are inefficient,” he says. “But if your posture is good, your takeaway will be much better – without you having to manipulate it to get it in the right place.”

Callahan then reveals how to best adopt the correct golf posture.

“Start by standing up straight. Then bend forward at the waist by pushing your butt back – this creates a tilt in the hips, which is important. Then let your arms hang straight down. This is a natural way to find your optimal posture when standing up,” he says. “You don't want to bend at the stomach or waist, as this will round your back and take the momentum out of all the muscles in your lower back.”

Your posture creates 2 angles

The two angles that Callahan says make up a good golf posture.

Image via Shawn Callahan

“Your stance creates two angles,” says Callahan. “One is created by your legs, which form approximately 90 degrees, and the other is created by your spine, which leans toward the ball, which is generally 45 degrees.”

By creating these two angles in your golf swing, Callahan says you are able to swing around your spine angle, which is an easier and more natural way to get the club at the correct plane.

“Most players who don't hit the ball consistently swing around their legs, which makes the swing plane too flat and the body has to work too hard to get to the ball and hit it home,” he says. “But if your golf stance is correct, you can use your arms and body rotation to take the club back so the club is on a great plane.”

So make sure you have good posture before you make your golf swing. This is an important key to better shots and is not just another swing thought, but just one of the last steps before you tee off.

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