COLLEGE GROVE, Tenn. – Melissa Rowe checked the weather forecast and then the schedule for Friday’s LIV Golf Nashville event at The Grove.

There seemed to be only one way to keep cool, so Rowe, a Murfreesboro resident, signed up for the Sweet Tea Dunking Booth.

On Friday, the first round of the event, Rowe spent the sweltering heat sitting on a seat in a giant red Solo cup under a large umbrella that was dipped into a giant vat of sweet tea every time a competitor hit a target with a football.

The sweet tea gave the first LIV golf event near Franklin a special southern touch.

“It's absolutely refreshing,” Rowe said. “The tea stays cool because we're under this umbrella. It's not sticky like people might think. It feels great.”

Long before the event began with a gun launch at 12:15 p.m., Rowe said she had already dunked so many times she could no longer count.

“The longest I went without submerging was probably about two minutes,” she said.

Lexi Reiter, 26, of Franklin, tried three times to push Rowe into the water, but narrowly missed each time. She was desperate.

“I heard you win a fan if you put them in hiding,” Reiter said.

Reiter asked her boyfriend Matt Taft, 27, a former college football player, to try it, and on the second try, he nailed it.

“When I first felt that they weren't real footballs, but foam balls, I thought, 'I know how this is going to go,'” said Taft, who played football at Stetson. “It was more of a hand gesture.”

Taft played running back at Stetson and said there were trick plays planned in which he would throw the ball from time to time.

Unfortunately, there was no fan for Reiter to accept a prize.

“Well, it was still fun to see (Rowe) go to tea time,” Reiter said. “We just have to find another way to stay cool.”

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