OtterBox produces Commuter series cell phone cases for all current Apple iPhone models.

Earlier this year, a visitor to the Grand Canyon accidentally dropped her phone into the canyon while exploring the park. The phone was taking pictures when it fell. In the video, you can see and hear the phone hitting rocks and vegetation on its way down. To the owner's surprise, the phone survived the fall – and continued to take pictures.

While this incident didn't make the evening news, it went viral on TikTok, garnering 2.2 million likes and 10.3 million views. One commenter asked the question many of us were wondering: What phone case does she have? Thankfully, sunnyst3ph created a follow-up video detailing the exact case.

It was no surprise to us that it was an OtterBox. More specifically, the OtterBox Commuter Series case for the iPhone Xr.

If you want to upgrade your Apple iPhone case to the same level of drop protection, there is great news – the entire line of OtterBox Commuter Series cases is now available on Amazon with up to 50% off, even before Prime Day. Take this opportunity to upgrade your phone case before these discounts disappear.

OtterBox Commuter Series Phone Cases: Save up to 50%



We are big fans of OtterBox phone cases here at CBS BasicsThe brand's armor-like cases are currently at the top of our roundups of the best Apple iPhone 15 phone casesThe best Samsung Galaxy S24 phone cases and that best google pixel 8 pro phone cases.

The OtterBox Commuter Series case is constructed in two parts. The outer casing is made of a polycarbonate shell, the same material often used for Hard-shell luggage.

The inner casing is made of synthetic rubber. This protective case ensures that the polycarbonate shell stays in place, protecting your screen from cracking whether you drop it in the Grand Canyon or on the driveway at home.

In addition to the case on sale for the older Apple iPhone Xr (50% off), there is also a nice discount on the OtterBox Commuter Series phone case for the Apple iPhone 13 and 14 (up to 46% off). This model is also a two-piece case, but differs from the Xr case in that it is made of 35% recycled material and the protective shell is made of harder plastic. It is available in pink and black.

We found several cases from the Commuter series with 25% off, including one for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S24+.

Be sure to check out the full OtterBox Commuter Series collection on Amazon to see how much you can save on a matching case for your phone.

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