On June 21, 2024, the Eagle Falls Golf Course in Great Falls was a hive of activity as golfers from across the community came together for a special cause: to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Great Falls.

The charity golf tournament, with an impressive turnout, was organized to support the Boys and Girls Club's valuable programs that benefit young people in the area.

Dozens of foursomes came to play a round of golf, including a team from KRTV. Heath Hegem, Tim McGonigal, Ryan Gamboa and James Rolin all played for the news channel.

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James Rolin

While organizers admit that the start was a little rocky due to recent rainy weather, the day of play was sunny and happy golfers raised money for a good cause.

The event was a testament to the community's generosity and spirit, with participants of all abilities taking to the green to contribute to the fundraiser.

A representative of Eagle Falls Golf Course expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the efforts of the event organizers and volunteers.

“And her volunteers, the Boys and Girls Club, will be applauding her. Guys, she deserves it. The weeks leading up to it were pretty tough, but you know what? We did it. So I want to express our gratitude to her and her team,” the representative said, acknowledging the dedication that led to the success of the event despite all the challenges.

Participants agreed with this sentiment and praised the well-organized event and the opportunity to support such an important cause.

“It was a fantastic day out here. The weather was perfect and it's great to see so many people coming together for such an important cause. The Boys and Girls Club does incredible work and we are happy to support them,” said one enthusiastic golfer.

Funds raised at the tournament directly benefit the Boys & Girls Club's various programs that provide important resources and opportunities to youth in the community.

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James Rolin

From academic support to recreational activities, the Boys & Girls Club plays a critical role in helping young people succeed and thrive.

At the end of the day, the sense of achievement and community spirit was palpable. The fundraiser highlighted the positive impact that can be achieved when the community comes together for a common goal.

If you would like to support the Boys & Girls Club, you can find further information on the website.

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