A wild bear and a Tennessee amusement park employee apparently frightened each other Thursday when the two nearly collided in a dangerous encounter caught on video.

The animal somehow managed to get to a kiosk at Anakeesta, a theme park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when an employee approached the booth from behind, seemingly unaware of the bear's presence.

In a now-viral video uploaded to TikTok, people can be heard standing outside the stand watching the bear rummage through the merchandise at the food station.


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“Look at it, he's drooling, he's crazy about this gumbo,” one person can be heard joking in the clip.

But just as the bear turns to leave, the worker approaches with a large pot of what one assumes is more gumbo, and the animal quickly lunges at her with raised paws.

After frantically dropping the pot and spilling its contents, the employee runs off, but then quickly turns around, sneaks into the cubicle where the bear had been, and closes the door behind her.

The woman, whose identity has not been publicly released, later refused medical treatment when first responders arrived on the scene, a city official told TMZ.

The bear reportedly fled the area and is still on the run.

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