Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley says Mike Perry needs to focus on two key elements of his fight plan when he faces Jake Paul in the boxing ring.

Tyron Woodley, Mike Perry, Jake Paul

Paul and Perry will face off in a highly anticipated boxing match on July 20 in Tampa, Florida. Perry, a Bare Knuckle FC star, will look to hand Paul his second loss of his boxing career.

Perry presents a unique puzzle for Paul to solve in the ring. His forward pressure and aggressiveness, most evident in recent wins over Luke Rockhold and Thiago Alves, could give Paul some headwind in their fight.

Woodley, who suffered two losses to Paul in 2021, knows what it's like to face Paul in the ring.

Tyron Woodley advises Mike Perry on fight against Jake Paul

In a recent interview with The SchmoWoodley was asked what advice he would give Perry before his upcoming fight with Paul.

“Stay calm and patient,” Woodley advised Perry. “He knows what it's like to fight with Jake. [Paul]he knows Jake is going to punch and punch and move. When he fought me, he wasn't trying to knock me down like some of those guys, he was moving. And I think that's the part that Mike Perry has to pay attention to…

“He needs to be in range for hook throws to do damage so he can hit the body, uppercuts and hooks. So when he's in that big jab range, I think he needs to learn how to close the gap. He kind of boxes like Mike Tyson anyway, that's his style, he mimics Mike Tyson. So I think he's going to be able to beat Mike [Tyson] a kind of cheat sheet to close this gap as well.”

Paul is looking to stay on top of his form after three straight victories in the ring, including recent wins over Nate Diaz and Andre August. He knocked out Ryan Bourland in his last appearance in March.

Perry hasn't fought in professional boxing since a loss to Kenneth McNeil in 2015. Since then, he has made a name for himself in bare-knuckle boxing, defeating former UFC champions such as Eddie Alvarez.

It's unclear if Perry will seek direct advice from Woodley before fighting Paul, but Woodley would likely be a valuable resource for him to consider.

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