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Fortnite is getting another OG mode with the release of the v30.20 update! Epic Games has teased the new mode called Fortnite Reload and revealed the return of several iconic locations. Once again, players will be able to visit Tilted Towers, but there's much more. The mode will also include classic weapons and a new mechanic.

A few hours before the OG mode's release, the map was revealed by Epic. This article shows the image of the map, so keep in mind that it contains spoilers.

The Fortnite Reload OG map will have several iconic locations

Tilted Towers is arguably the most popular location ever released for Fortnite. However, veteran players have fond memories of many other locations, from Pleasant Park to Salty Springs. Thankfully, many of these locations will be returning with the upcoming game mode. The leaked image of the Fortnite Reload OG map shows Tilted in the center of the island, but also Loot Lake, Wailing Woods, and more.

Below you can see the full image of the map. The image is from a trailer for the new game mode.

Fortnite OG Reloaded MapFortnite OG Reloaded Map
The OG map will have many iconic locations. Image via Epic Games

In addition to popular named locations, the leaked image also shows some landmarks from Chapter 1, like the Motel. In its first version, the Fortnite Reload map appears to have Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park as its largest locations. Snobby Shores will also get a smaller version, as will Loot Lake and Wailing Woods.

At the moment, we don't have many more details about the new game mode. However, it seems that Epic Games will keep it in the game permanently. If that happens, we expect to see many more changes in the future, including a frequent rotation of other OG spots.

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