The Stanley Cup is still a gamble between the Florida Panthers and the Edmonton Oilers, but somehow a winner has already been decided.

Kait, the blinking Edmonton Oilers fan.

You may not be a hockey fan, and that's okay, but I can almost guarantee that you have seen, or at least know about, this woman who showed off her you-know-what boobs during a hockey game in Edmonton. The video of her The crowd flash went viraland she called herself “Oilers Girl” for a while until she was ready to give up her anonymity and reveal that her name is now Kait.

She has become the Canadian team's most popular fan and has even embraced her role as… the flashing woman, I guess? But it hasn't been all positive for the Oilers fan. After receiving some criticism online, posted a fiery video An appeal to all online trolls:

“I just wanted to say, you could be the most perfect, God-fearing person in the world. You could save kittens from the river if they were drowning. Someone would still hate you.

So you know what? I got drunk and took my tits out at an Oilers game and they went viral? Fuck you if you don't like that.”

Yes! Take that, haters!

If that news wasn't enough for people who aren't fans of Kait for whatever reason, they're probably going to hate this latest update. The “Oilers Girl” passed up a number of opportunities on adult sites, but apparently changed her mind when Playboy came knocking.

Before a crucial Game 6 in the Stanley Cup playoffs last night, Edmonton's biggest fan was announced as a new member of the Playboy Club:

“Meet Kait, the Oilers' lucky charm. The Edmonton Oilers may not have won the Stanley Cup yet, but with Kait by their side, they are unstoppable. Meet Kait at the Playboy Club.”

It's extremely rare for a team to overcome a 3-0 deficit in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but the Oilers are on a roll and have plenty of momentum. Throw in this announcement about Kait and you could be confident they'll beat the Oilers' moneyline.

You now have the power of Playboy Kait behind you…

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