It has been said a million times: Bill Snyder is the best head coach to ever lead the Kansas State University football program, and there is no comparison.

There have been many different coaches in college football. Many of them have won many national championships and a high winning percentage and could be considered, by the usual definition, the greatest coaches of all time.

Snyder should be included in the discussion of the greatest coach of all time, not because of his winning percentage or the national championships he unfortunately did not win, but because of his performance at Kansas State.

In 2021, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said that he thought Bill Snyder was the best college coach of all time and that he even modeled his own coaching style after him. However, Gundy followed up that comment by saying that Snyder was the best coach of all time because he took over a program at Kansas State that no one else could make successful and made it a success.

Snyder spent 27 years at Kansas State, compiling a record of 215-117-1 (.646). In the 103 years Kansas State played football without Snyder, the team posted a record of 276-499-34 (.341). That's a difference of .305 in winning percentage with versus without Snyder.

There have been many great coaches in college football, but would any of them have been able to take on Kansas State's program?

When Snyder took over, the Wildcats were winless in 27 straight games and had gone seven straight seasons without a winning season. They had also never won the conference and, quite frankly, had never even come close to winning the conference.

When Snyder took over, he won only one game in his first season, but two seasons later he had a winning season and two seasons after that they won their first bowl game under Snyder. The Wildcats won 10 and 11 games every year until 1997.

Snyder not only took over the program and made it a successful program, but he made it a respectable program. He taught the guys in his facilities not only football, but how to be a man and how to be respectful and responsible for themselves.

So Bill Snyder may not go down in history as the greatest college coach of all time because of his statistics and wins, but he is the greatest college coach of all time because of the program he built.

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