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ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta manager Brian Snitker had a laugh Thursday about Blow below the belt by a foul liner from Ozzie Albies' bat in the Braves' 3-1 victory over the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday night.

The sharply hit foul ball took a leap and reached Snitker in the fifth inning so quickly that he had no time to defend himself. But even at that moment, the 68-year-old manager smiled instead of showing any hint of pain.

And to answer the obvious question: Snitker doesn't wear a groin guard.

“Without protection? Yes, I know,” Snitker said, adding that he had received several text messages about the incident and how he smiled instead of doubled over in pain.

“Well, it hit me just below the belt,” he said. “… OK, a little high.”

Snitker said he was not in pain when he woke up Thursday, but acknowledged he was “tense” and felt some discomfort during the game. He was able to smile because the ball narrowly missed him in a more sensitive spot.

Snitker said he intentionally avoided television Thursday morning “because I said I'm not going to watch this.” Snitker's son Troy, who is on the Houston Astros coaching staff, made sure the replay got to his father.

“My son sent me a video of it,” Snitker said before Thursday night's game against the Giants.

Albies' at-bat ended with a fly ball to center field. The Braves second baseman immediately went to Snitker when he returned to the dugout.

“He was worse off than I was,” Snitker said. “He's such a good boy.”

Snitker was a longtime third-base coach before becoming Atlanta's manager in 2016, leading the Braves to six consecutive NL East championships and the 2021 World Series title. The coaching box at third base can also be a dangerous place, and Snitker said he suffered a broken wrist and other injuries there when he was hit by foul balls.

Snitker said he immediately had another reason to smile after avoiding injury Wednesday night.

Braves first baseman Matt Olson told Snitker that he probably would have been hit by the foul ball if Snitker hadn't been in the way on the dugout steps.

“So I said, 'Well, I'm a hell of a lot easier to replace than him,'” Snitker said. “So I'm glad it hit me.”



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