NAPERVILLE, Ill. (CBS) – Some Naperville teenagers signed up for a very different summer program involving bloodhounds and tactical vehicles.

When the police vehicle arrived, the supervisors did not answer any calls. Instead, they answered questions.

High school senior Chase Tartaglione was there for the second summer in a row, joining other students in learning the ins and outs of dog tracking with Naperville police dog Jill, a bloodhound who sometimes gets more attention than her own handler.

It's part of a six-week course that teaches high school students the basics while they decide if a future in law enforcement is right for them.

“That’s one of three paths I’m considering,” Tartaglione said.

Sophomore Maggie Stables said she is very interested in a career in forensic anthropology.

“I thought it would bring me closer to these things,” she said.

Rising junior Ashlynn Goldstein said she's “pretty much been all over the place as far as her future plans go… I'm really interested in forensics and I'm also interested in law in general.”

Organizers said they would monitor student development during the summer program.

“They come in the first week and they're all very quiet,” said Kevin Merrihew, a school police officer with the Naperville Police Department. “And now they're working together. They've made new friends, so to speak, and they're asking a lot of interesting questions.”

It's a summer session that could be just the beginning of a lifelong career.

Learning doesn't have to stop this summer. Students who want to continue can take a more advanced course that continues during the school year.

The Naperville Police Department also offers a Citizens Police Academy for adults. The next class begins in October.

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