EYEBROW trends are known to have the ability to either improve or worsen a person’s appearance.

Now people are remembering their own eyebrow blindness and here's everything we know about the viral beauty trend.

Drew Barrymore was one of the celebrities in the 90s and 2000s who over-plucked her eyebrows due to a beauty trendPhoto credit: WireImage

What is eyebrow blindness?

Eyebrow blindness is a period when people have succumbed to the temptation to shape their eyebrows according to current trends.

These include the 90s and early 2000s, when celebrities and fans who idolized these trendsetters plucked their eyebrows very thin.

Around 2010, people began replacing their thin eyebrows with extremely thick, over-contoured eyebrows.

Regardless of the size of a person's eyebrows, we were blind to whether these trends suited our face personally.

While eyebrow trends are constantly evolving, tiny eyebrows prevent many from following the new trends as they are now unable to regrow their brows.

Yet people are now reflecting on their own beauty choices that were once viral trends.

When did eyebrow blindness go viral?

Eyebrow blindness went viral in June 2024 after TikTok users began sharing their own personal experiences surrounding the term.

Since going viral, “Embroidery Blindness” has garnered over 160 million views and comments on the social media app.

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Others even wonder if they are currently suffering from eyebrow blindness.

However, eyebrow expert Damone Roberts told The US Sun that we shouldn't follow trends when it comes to our eyebrows, but rather find out what suits our individual face shape best.

Tips for caring for and growing thicker eyebrows

“Social media is driving trends today,” Damone said.

“People just don’t understand that you don’t have to follow fashion trends when it comes to eyebrow styling.

“The secret is to find the right form for you individually to get the best out of yourself.

“People were quick to jump on every trend and regretted it several months later.”

He further said that if we don’t know how to shape our eyebrows, we should leave it to the professionals in the future.

“To troubleshoot, contact a professional. Make sure you have seen his work.

“The best brow for a Sarah may not be the best for a Brittany.”

Olivia Wilde said she stopped plucking her eyebrows and tried to “fill them in when nature lets them down.”Photo credit: WireImage

Which celebrities have spoken about eyebrow blindness?

Since the 90s and early 2000s were notorious for the era of thin eyebrows, many celebrities embraced this trend and have been talking about their own eyebrow blindness ever since.

According to Us Weekly, former eyebrow plucker and well-known actress Olivia Wilde once said about her eyebrows: “I don't pluck my eyebrows.”

“I've been letting them grow out for years. Whenever nature lets me down, I try to fill them back in.”

Demi Lovato also stuck to the thin eyebrow trend during her Disney days.

Now she has thick eyebrows and attributes her hair growth success to Latisse, which is known to help grow eyelashes.

According to Pop Crush, Demi said, “It's a miracle. It's a product that helps your eyelashes grow really long.”

“I thought, 'Oh, that would be a good idea to make my eyebrows fuller.'

“So I used Latisse on my eyebrows and they sort of took over my role as a judge on X Factor.

“I mean, they had their own opinions.”

Diet for hair growth

Star Khechara is the inventor of the Facelift Diet and founder of the Skin Nutrition Institute.

Speaking to The US Sun, she recommended a “naturally anti-inflammatory diet” rich in antioxidants for eyebrow regrowth.

  • Orange and yellow foods for beta-carotene
  • Pumpkin seeds for zinc and amino acids
  • Bananas and mushrooms for biotin
  • Cucumber or horsetail and nettle herbs for silica
  • Dark berries, raw cocoa and green tea for polyphenols

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