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The San Antonio Warriors have won the 2024 BSFL State Championship for San Antonio! The thrilling game ended in five overtime periods under NCAA overtime rules with a final score of 20-18 against the two-time defending champions, the Texas Red Raiders of Houston. The championship game, played at Ganado High School Indian Stadium in Ganado, Texas, was a nail-biting event that kept fans on the edge of their seats until late on June 29th.

The San Antonio Warriors posted a record of 9-1 this season, celebrating 20 years of playing and winning since 2004. This season was dedicated to their late head coach and owner Glenn White, who passed away from liver cancer during the previous season. The team's goal was to honor Coach White by securing the 2024 BSFL championship and bringing the trophy home to San Antonio. The Warriors hold the record for most wins in Texas semi-pro football history, a testament to their continued excellence and dedication.

The Warriors marched in the Stars & Stripes Centro San Antonio parade downtown on July 4 to celebrate their victory.

For more information about the team's numerous awards and honors, visit their website.

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