Alec Baldwin and his legal team claim that he did not pull the trigger of the modified .45 Colt revolver, but merely cocked the weapon's hammer when it malfunctioned and fired a live round that had been mistakenly loaded into the gun by “Rust's” gun handler, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

After examining the weapon, FBI investigators and independent forensic experts stated that it was impossible for the revolver to go off without the trigger being pulled.

Previous court documents from prosecutors also said Baldwin failed to follow safety procedures on set after missing the production's initial firearms training.

In a subsequent one-on-one training session with Gutierrez-Reed, the state wrote, “Mr. Baldwin was inattentive during this training and spent time on the phone with his family during the training and made videos of himself firing the weapon for his family's entertainment.”

The prosecution also alleges that Baldwin's current account of the shooting contradicts earlier interviews with police officers in which he claimed the gun simply “went off” but did not say he did not pull the trigger.

Prosecutors claim the star only claimed he did not fire the gun after a 2021 interview with George Stephanopoulos. In that interview, they accused the actor of “lying with impunity and blaming Ms. Hutchins for the incident.”

A grand jury indicted the actor earlier this year, charging him with two counts of involuntary manslaughter: one for negligent use of a firearm and the other for a felony charge of acting without due care or caution.

However, the jury only needs to reach a verdict on one count to convict Baldwin.

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