Many people believe that Kyle Shanahan is the best offensive coach in the NFL and that it is only a matter of time before he wins the Super Bowl.

That could be true. Since 2016, when he was the Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator, his offense has been mostly stellar. And in that time, he's played in three Super Bowls. It's possible that one day we'll look back on this part of his career as a valuable learning period that he needed to grow and become a champion.

But right now, he's not a champion, unless conference championships count. And for all his talent and potential, if his career ended today, he wouldn't be a Hall of Famer. Instead, his Super Bowl losses would be his legacy. Not just the fact that he lost three times. The manner in which he lost. He led by double digits each time. All three times, he gave up the running game in the second half. He didn't know the rules for overtime in the postseason and lost the final, most humiliating game. A game he considered as a favorite against an opponent who was trailing.

And don't forget the NFC Championship game he lost to the Rams after beating them six times in a row.

Any other successes in Shanahan's career would be mere footnotes compared to these failures. He would be known for gambling away one of the most talented teams, preventing them from ever winning a Super Bowl.

It's funny how important it actually is to win the Super Bowl.

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