Paulina Gretzky wasn’t lying when she credited hopping off the busy PGA Tour schedule with freeing up time for her and Dustin Johnson.

Since taking the LIV Golf money from the Saudis, she’s been much busier on the content front and that’s a good thing for everyone.  Yes, there were death threats initially, but those have died down.

“We spend a little more time together now that things have changed a little. Before, it was always go, go, go,” Paulina said about the move to LIV.

“We have more control over how we do things now. In our old life, I had to take a back seat, but now it feels like we're flying at the front of the plane together. It was the right move.”

A true professional, Paulina has researched social media trends. For Johnson's 40th birthday party in late June, she went all out with the cowgirl trend and the results speak for themselves.

Paulina Gretzky takes full advantage of the LIV golf schedule by producing content

That's how you get attention and feed the algorithm. In one of the posts, she even got her mom and dad to join in. That's right. Janet and Wayne Gretzky put on cowboy and cowgirl hats.

Paulina knows that you can use trends to attract attention and then surprise them with your classics. And that's exactly what she did. After her cowboy birthday, she continued to work on her tan while on vacation.

She wouldn't have been able to do all that on the PGA Tour. A big birthday party at the end of June and then a vacation at the beginning of July? That would never happen.

As Paulina said of the move to LIV, it was the right move for the Johnsons. At 35, she's still busy putting out content and teaching a whole new generation lessons about the Instagram game.

There has to be at least one chapter in the history of LIV Golf about how LIV Golf's game plan allowed Paulina Gretzky to continue to show that her fastball still has a lot to offer.

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