Sketch addresses OnlyFans leak in emotional livestream.


  • Sketch confirmed the authenticity of leaked OnlyFans videos during a livestream.
  • The streaming community rallied its support and condemned the performance.
  • Sketch is planning a short break from streaming and may return on Wednesday.

Twitch streamer Sketchreal name Kylie Coxconfirmed in a livestream on Monday that the years-old videos that appear to show him engaging in sexual acts with other men are indeed his. The videos were originally uploaded to OnlyFans and surfaced on Sunday via a YouTube account called Pocketbook.

The Texas-based streamer has over 1 million followers on Twitch. During his livestream, he spoke about the leaked footage. He confirmed that the videos were real and were recorded two years ago. He described that time as a “dark time” in his life, marked by addiction issues. The YouTube video was titled “The Real Sketch: The Untold Story of Jamie Mar.” It showed screenshots from the OnlyFans account and also delved into Cox's past as a gay adult content creator.

In the approximately 17-minute-long video, Pocketbook justified the outing by saying, “Being LGBTQ+ does not mean the end of your career.” However, many criticized the video on social media for outing Cox without his consent.

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