The San Francisco Giants signed Blake Snell in the offseason to form a dangerous one-two punch with Logan Webb. Instead, Snell has struggled with performance and injuries all season. In his first start since returning, the left-hander has had his best start as a Giant and is confident.

Snell signed late in spring training and started late in the season. Unfortunately for San Francisco, he wasn't the Cy Young winner they signed in his first few starts. In his first six starts, the 31-year-old struggled mightily and was almost impossible to pitch.

In 23.2 innings, the two-time Cy Young winner had a 9.51 ERA and a 1.944 WHIP. For a pitcher who has struggled with walks in his career, Snell's control was even worse, walking 5.3 batters per nine. The only good sign was that his strikeouts were still high at 11.8 K/9.

Snell was on the injured list in late May and returned before suffering a groin injury that sidelined him for over a month. He returned from the 15-day injured list on Tuesday and put in his best performance as a Giant.

In five innings against the Toronto Blue Jays, Snell pitched five innings and allowed only one hit, with three walks and strikeouts each. After the game in his media session, the He talked about his game and how he feels overall.

“Just finding a rhythm, trusting my ability. Trusting my body. Yes, I felt a lot better. Just more confidence because I know I can repeat it. It's a good feeling,” the left-hander told reporters.

Snell's ability to take reps shows that his technique was fine on Tuesday, a good sign for a pitcher who hasn't had any Spring Training. His Fastball reached 97.7 mph, which was a season high. While his fastball may be at its best, he believes he can still work on his other pitches.

“The slider was good, the curveball can get better,” Snell explained. “The changeup is getting better, they're all good, they need to get sharper. Around the zone, in the zone, I still think I can be better.”

In his recent return from injury, not only has his feel for his stuff changed, but so has his attitude. In his first start after rehab at Triple-A Sacramento, Snell made a point to talk about the difference between rehab and real games.

“When you're rehabbing in Triple-A, you don't think the same way. You're not as focused on every throw and every move. You try, but you don't get nearly as far,” he said.

Now that Snell is back in the major leagues and feeling better, one thing is clear: He is more confident. He told reporters he is “excited” to make in-game adjustments.

Snell was a key part of the Giants' offseason activities and will likely be a key part of their rotation this season. Due to injuries and on-field struggles, he hasn't been what the team paid for. If they want to compete for a wildcard spot, Blake Snell will have to be the same old Blake Snell as the number two in their rotation. After Tuesday, he appears to be on the right track.

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