Milwaukee police shot and wounded a man Tuesday night for pointing a gun at two detectives, the police department said in a statement Wednesday.

The “critical incident” was not initially labeled as such Tuesday night because police had reason to believe the 28-year-old man had not been hit. The police department issued a statement late Tuesday night saying, “It does not appear that anyone has been struck by gunfire at this time.”

The police shooting occurred shortly before 7:30 p.m. in the 1500 block of West Hopkins Avenue.

The agency said Wednesday that two detectives were operating an unmarked unit when they observed a man grab another person and point a firearm at their head.

The detectives stopped, left the unit and ordered the man to lie on the ground. But instead, the man pointed his gun at the detectives, police said.

Police said Tuesday that an “exchange of gunfire” occurred between officers and the man. However, the statement released Wednesday did not mention that the man fired any shots. The police department said in a separate statement that Tuesday's information was “preliminary” and had been provided by a night watch supervisor.

After the man pointed the gun at them, both officers shot the man, police said. The man then fled the scene. It was initially believed the man had not been hit, but when police arrested him on Wednesday, they determined he had not suffered a fatal gunshot wound. He was taken to a hospital.

Surveillance footage obtained by WISN-TV from a gas station near the intersection of North Teutonia Avenue and West Locust Street shows that at the time of the incident, a man was seen running around with a gun in his hand before pointing the weapon at something outside of the camera's view. A patrol car arrived at the scene a short time later.

The detectives are a 50-year-old man with more than 16 years of service and a 40-year-old man with more than 10 years of service. Both detectives will be assigned administrative duties in accordance with department policy.

Police will release video of the incident in about 45 days, a timeframe the department is aiming for after a Milwaukee County judge temporarily blocked implementation of an approved policy that would have required the department to release the footage within 15 days.

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